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Mr. Lochamy, holding a baby duck (at his grandmother's house... Mr. Lochamy's grandmother, not the duck's).

A sample of what you'll find here (by following the links at the top right side of this page):

  • Classroom expectations and objectives. [class expectations and objectives]
  • Important information regarding some of my class policies [Class Policies]
  • What's going on in class each day (and what you missed if you weren't here). [Whassa goin on? (lesson plans)]
  • Helpful documents and resources related to our classwork. [documents and resources]
  • Important dates related to our class and assignments and whatnot [Class Calendar]
  • Details for each assignment. [Assignments]
  • Student questions and teacher answers [Q and A]
  • How to interpret the marks Mr. Lochamy makes on your paper [Proofreading Key]
  • Tennis stuff (associated with the SMS Tennis teams [Tennis stuff]
  • Cross Country stuff (associated with the SMS Cross Country team) [Cross Country stuff]
  • Quotes that have been used for Extra Credit Quote assignments [Great Quotes]
  • The latest news related to team 7-1 [Team 7-1 Newsletter]
  • Various links related to our language arts class [Links]
  • and other things...

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